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Mother-of-two Kelly Braich feels 21 again after losing four stone

This Mother’s Day we’ve interviewed dieter and Consultant Kelly Braich, who shared her inspiring weight loss story.

A family history of heart problems meant The 1:1 Diet Consultant Kelly always worried she may be at risk.

On top of this, her 10-year-old son, Arjun, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease when he was three. The stress of this news led to Kelly gaining four stone after feeling her life was spiralling out of control.

But the final straw came when Kelly had a hospital check-up.

“My Consultant at the hospital told me some home truths and that my lifestyle had to change as my BMI was classed as obese. And that, if I didn’t make any changes, I’d have to be put on medication to help my heart.

“I had flashbacks of the same thing happening to other close family members of mine.”

Added to this, Kelly had hit menopause and been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. She left the appointment worrying her ill health may prevent her being able to support her two young children due to the fear of dying.

Mother-of-two Kelly added: “Both my husband, Amrit, and I are in our 50s and I wanted to make sure I could be around for my children for as long as possible.”

Kelly gave herself one year to transform her body, health and lifestyle, documenting her journey on her social media channels.

Kelly met her target within six months, starting her journey on Step 1b, then gradually worked her way up to Step 2.  

 ‘’I honestly feel 21 years old again! I have young clients and they said they want to look like me. I can’t believe it.’’

Kelly met with her hospital Consultant again and has now been officially discharged and not been put on any medication.

She said: ‘’I feel energised and motivated from the health kick.

“My Consultant couldn’t believe it either. She was delighted about the news and asked for my business card to spread the word to the other patients in my position.”

Kelly has managed to continue to maintain her weight and grow her The 1:1 Diet business, despite the three lockdowns.

“Losing four stone has given me the energy to home school during the day, run my business in the evening and make sure me and my family have time to fit in exercise together.

Kelly said: ‘’Every weekend we now go on six-mile walks as a family; we would never have done this before.’

“It hasn’t just motivated me, it has also motivated my husband, who also lost three stone. We feel happier than ever and confident we can support our children for as long possible.”

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