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Are you looking to lose weight? 4 reasons you should buy the Taster Pack

Back in October 2023, we launched our first-ever Taster Pack. Full to the brim with delicious meal replacements, it was the perfect solution for those of you who wanted to try out The 1:1 Diet before you fully commit. 

In this blog, we’re looking at the top 4 reasons why you should try out our Taster Pack. From how affordable it is, to all the amazing health benefits you’ll enjoy in every bite. Right, let’s get stuck in!


1. Try Before You Buy

We get it, you want to try our delicious products before you commit to The 1:1 Diet. And that’s why we’ve designed this Taster Pack. Featuring six of our bestsellers, it’s got a little of everything - from comforting Golden Syrup Porridge to our super-decadent Cookies & Cream Bar.

Here’s the full product list: 

1 x Cookies & Cream Bar

1 x Golden Syrup Flavour Porridge

1 x Chicken Flavour Noodle Soup

1 x Spaghetti Bolognese Flavour pasta

1 x Salted Caramel Bites

1 x Cherry & Strawberry Flavour Smoothie



2. 169 Health Benefits

Did you know that there are 169 health benefits in every single one of our shakes, bars and meals? The health benefits range from protein to help keep your muscles happy, to calcium to help maintain healthy bones. And at around 200kcals each, they’re also nutritionally complete so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the good stuff. 
Learn more about our 169 health benefits here.



3. Super Affordable

Our Taster Pack is just £9.99 for six different meal replacements. That’s six, nutritionally complete meals for £9.99 - an absolute steal. Plus, when you order a Taster Pack you’ll also get £10 off when you start your personalised Diet Plan with your chosen Consultant. 

Once you’ve signed up, your average meals will cost around £2.99/€3.44 each - around £56 a week for all of your meals.


4. Quick & Easy

Firstly, our Taster Pack is super-easy to order online. Once you’ve ordered, it’ll be delivered for free directly to your door in our slimline letterbox-friendly box. 

Secondly, our meals take little to no prep, meaning you can dig into your new treats as soon as they land through your door.

And there we have it, our top 4 reasons for trying out our Taster Pack. We hope this has given you all the information you need to take the next step. But if you want to learn more, then reach out to one of our friendly Consultants, or check out the How it Works page here.

Time to start your weight-loss journey

If you, like so many, want to improve your health whilst losing weight, then you are in the right place! Why not buy a Taster Pack and start your own journey?

Buy a Taster Pack