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Busy Mum Loses Nearly 6 Stone over Lockdown

Chloe Lovell is a freelance writer and mum to two young children. She recently lost weight in lockdown 1.0, to help her be the best version of herself.

“I’d been feeling incredibly low about my weight for a while, but the migraines I was getting due to my weight and high blood pressure scared me. I was helping my daughter with her ballet shoes just before her class during the winter. I had a huge coat on and I struggled to bend down to reach her toes and then almost toppled over in doing so. I felt so physically unfit, awkward, embarrassed and ashamed that simply helping my little one with her shoe felt like something I couldn’t do.

“Although I had migraines on and off over the years, my high blood pressure only started right at the end of my second pregnancy.  As soon as I’d get a migraine my vision would be impaired. I’d feel sick and need to just lie down in a dark room until it passed, or until any medicine I took kicked in. With two young kids lying down in a dark room at any given time isn’t really an option.”

Chloe knew she had to find a way to lose weight to see if it would help.

“Before signing up and seeing all the success stories, I really thought the Plan and its results must be too good to be true, so I was a little sceptical. As soon as I met with my Consultant, my scepticism passed and I was super excited to give the Plan a try. I hadn’t realised all the different options available and Step 1B appealed to me the most, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to successfully follow such a restrictive step. My Consultant was amazing and gave me so much encouragement, support and tips to help me have a great first week. I was absolutely astonished when I lost a whole stone in one week! From that moment on I fell in love with the Plan and continued to follow it, with my Consultants guidance, until I got to my goal.”

Since hitting her weight loss goal, Chloe feels like a new woman.

 “Life has changed so much. I no longer have high blood pressure or the regular migraines I was experiencing. I can run again and help my children with their shoes with ease. My confidence is so much higher than before and I really enjoy wearing clothes that I previously felt uncomfortable in or couldn’t find in my size.”

With her Consultant’s support, Chloe managed to lose weight during lockdown.

“It took me six months to reach my goal and I would never have got there without my Consultant. I started on Plan as the first ever lockdown hit the UK. Like many parents, I needed to homeschool and I also had a new baby to look after. My Consultant was amazing in doing whatever she could to help me follow Plan during such an uncertain time. She instantly understood how important it was for me to get to a healthier weight and she understood the emotional distress my weight was causing me. She delivered products to my door, regularly checked in with me and did video calls to help me stay on plan and achieve my goals.

“My Consultant has gone above and beyond in helping me on my weight loss journey. She is wonderful and someone I’m so proud to call a friend as well. After getting to goal, she has been amazing in helping me reintroduce food, work my way through The 1:1 Diet Steps and find a way that works for me with regard to maintenance.”

Chloe believes the diet has helped change her life.

“I’m conscious that some people may think this Plan isn’t a long-term solution and that the only products available are shakes, but the Plan is so much more than that; and the support and advice I’ve received from Vicki to help me maintain is simply wonderful and focuses on eating foods for good health. I would definitely recommend this diet to anyone who has weight to lose and is seeking real, one-to-one support.

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