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Leanne fits into dream wedding dress after three stone weight loss

New bride Leanne Baird is not only celebrating her wedding, but also losing a life-changing three stone, allowing her to enjoy and feel confident on her special day.

After welcoming twins in December 2018, Leanne, 34, found herself constantly tired and developing psoriasis as a result of her weight gain.  Desperate for a lifestyle change, Leanne found The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan in March 2019 and started on Step 1 of the Plan.

 “I lost a remarkable two stone seven pounds in six weeks on Plan, and I found I had more energy to play with my children because I no longer felt sluggish. My psoriasis also cleared up and I started to feel more confident in my own skin.

“My now-husband, Ross, and I were supposed to marry in 2020, but we decided to bring our special day forward a year because a family member received a terminal diagnosis.

“We decided this was the best option for our wedding and our family – family is the most important thing.

“We set the date for November 8, 2019, meaning we had only four months to plan the day. The wedding planning went smoothly as we opted to marry on a Friday instead of a Saturday, which meant we managed to secure most of our first-choice suppliers.

“Once the wedding plans were in place, I was even more dedicated to The 1:1 Diet and at my final dress fitting I weighed 10st nine pounds…more than three stone lighter in only eight months.

“I just wanted to feel amazing on my wedding day and I really did – I look back on the pictures with such fond memories.

“I couldn’t have lost all of the weight without my amazing Consultant, Natalia Soler.  She provided me with so much guidance. Whenever I had a down day, she was there to give me the motivation I needed.

“We had a fantastic day and it was one we will remember forever. I continued my weight loss journey after the wedding, managing to lose 3st 4lbs in total.

“I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I’m now able to dedicate more time to my children without getting tired – I seem to have more energy than them! The 1:1 Diet really has changed my life for the better.”

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