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Katy’s not camera shy any more

The 1:1 Diet Award Winner 2019

“Christmas 2018. I was miserable. My little bundle of joy, Louie, was the apple of my eye, yet I felt like saddest and loneliest person on this planet.

“Post-natal depression had me sobbing in the morning, afternoon and dead of night.

 “In the snapshots taken moments after my son was born, I was insistent I didn’t want to be included and these are photos I struggle to grasp that I won’t get back.

 “Once Christmas arrived, the sentimental value of these memories became more important and I allowed myself to be photographed by Louie’s first Christmas tree.

“Repulsed by my image, vowed to no longer be the mum weeping at memorable moments. With Louie’s christening and my best friend’s hen do in Ibiza planned in 2019 I wasn’t going to be the fat friend who couldn’t be photographed! I set myself a goal and I am so proud to say I stuck to it.

 “In January, my friend gave me the details of her Consultant, Heather Walker. Within 24 hours of contacting Heather, my younger sister (I was scared!) and I were in her office, chatting and discussing the possibilities The 1:1 Diet could give me.

“Getting on the scales was something I hadn’t been able to bring myself to do for the best part of a year, but I put my trust in Heather and she kept that weight a secret until she knew it was the right time.

“We left with my first week’s bag full of products and the confidence I could do it.

 “That first week flew by and I lost eight pounds! In two weeks, I had lost a stone.

“The elation, which was always shared with Heather, was the true reward. I stuck by the Plan with no cheat days or guilty moments, and I was congratulated with continual weight losses and a positive outlook.

“For every stone I lost, I felt lighter in mentality. I was already so much happier than that woman hiding from the camera.  

“In Louie’s christening photos I see a self-assured woman in a dress she didn’t think she would ever be able to wear, and a happy baby whose Mum is content in herself.

“I look back on photos in Ibiza, where I really enjoyed the hen-do. I used to think the girls were tiny compared to myself and now I too was wearing a bikini and mini dresses with panache.

“Heather has now become not just a life-changing coach, but a life-long friend. The support given to me by my partner, family and friends has been irreplaceable. The 1:1 Diet has changed my life in so many ways.

“I’d do anything to have those photos when Louie was born and to not have felt so sad and full of self-loathing. I am good enough and thanks to The 1:1 Diet I truly believe that now.”

The 1:1 Diet Award Winner