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Gary loses 1/3 of his body weight & reverses type 2 diabetes symptoms

This Diabetes Awareness Week (June 14-20), The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan is celebrating Gary Ellis, who lost a life-changing eight stone and reversed his type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Soaring obesity levels have been linked to the rise in diabetes sufferers and 46-year-old Gary, from Southsea, was the biggest he’d ever been and suffering from sleep apnoea when he decided to finally seek help.

Gary said: “I’d had trouble sleeping for several years; I’d feel tired throughout the day. When I was finally persuaded to visit my doctor, I had various blood tests and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and type 2 diabetes – the cause of both illnesses was my weight, I was so shocked!

“I had to wear a mask in bed every night to keep my airways open, as the weight of my neck was crushing my windpipe. I was told that, through weight loss, I should be able to reverse the effects of my diabetes and possibly stop using the mask to aid my sleep.

“At the time of my diagnosis, I was tipping the scales at 23 stone. I knew I needed to lose weight and was determined. I needed a diet that was easy to follow and would allow me to lose the amount of weight I needed. I discovered The 1:1 Diet online and booked my first consultation with my Consultant, Denise Brown.

“I first started gaining weight in my teens and since that point I’ve always struggled to keep it under control. I didn’t worry too much about my health back then as I thought I had plenty of years ahead of me to get myself fit.

“As the years went by, I was far too busy enjoying local pubs and clubs, as well as takeaways – I became a comfort eater.

“This pattern of behaviour continued during my marriage and while my children were growing up, so my weight started gradually increasing. I just kept telling myself that I’d lose weight at some point to make myself feel better.

“My marriage broke down in 2013 and I started living alone. I quickly started living the single life, visiting pubs and eating far too much again. Even when I did cook at home, I never ate the healthiest of dinners and would often snack between meals. Over the years I did try dieting, but found diets impossible to stick to after a couple of weeks.

“In September 2018, Denise started me on Step 3 of the Plan and I lost two stone in the first two months. I was over the moon! I made it my mission to lose eight stone in total.

“Fast forward to 2021 and I have reached my eight stone weight loss target and have been maintaining.

“Even better, I had my check-up with my diabetes nurse and she told me I’d completely reversed my type 2 diabetes symptoms! I was in absolute shock; all my levels are completely normal. I’ve also been discharged from the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth as I no longer have sleep apnoea.

“The 1:1 Diet and Denise completely turned my life around, and I can’t thank Denise enough for her continued support. Without her I simply couldn’t have done it.

“I’ve since started ‘Couch to 5k’, something I never thought I’d be able to do.”

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