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From Obese to Happy New Mummy!

New mum Halema Begum is celebrating a huge four stone two pounds weight loss transformation and using her large following on social media to help others with her own Consultant business.

The 29-year-old new mum went through some huge changes in life after falling in love, getting married and quickly becoming pregnant with her first child.

Halema said:“I got pregnant very quickly and things were going very smoothly for me as a new mum until I noticed my weight gain.

“I’ve always been very active on social media, and I was regularly uploading live video of my daily routine, from make-up looks to fashion styling!”

But, with all the changes of becoming a new wife and mum, Halema quickly found she was struggling to lose weight and became obese.

“Yes obese! Which was a shock! By now I had gained 70 pounds, people started to make comments on my appearance but unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it until my little miracle entered the world.”

After the arrival of her son Halema said she felt happy and excited but couldn’t stop thinking about her weight.

 “When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't even recognise myself. Things went from bad to worse!”

Although Halema eventually settled into motherhood and was able to lose some weight while breast feeding she found that, despite her healthy eating habits, she wasn’t able to shift all the additional weight she had gained.

That’s when she made the decision to take a close friend’s advice and contact a local The 1:1 Diet Consultant.

“The best part was that my Consultant, Helima, had tailor made the Plan just for me. She came to visit me at home on weekly basis and the one-to-one support she gave me really was the key for me not giving up on the diet.

“Honestly, it was very hard some days, but my Consultant and I were always on the phone talking and texting. We even had a group chat with other dieters and this helped me overcome my weakness and come out stronger the next day.

“I started to lose weight and to feel good again. I became more active on social media, even uploading videos of me weight loss journey!

“There were so many young mothers out there who were feeling the same as me. This made me more motivated to lose weight and tell people about The 1:1 Diet. My followers also started to see how the diet had transformed my life and that it was 100 per cent safe for a new mum to do.

“I started getting messages from young mums and new mums, asking me about The 1:1 Diet and how it works, so that’s when Helima and I spoke about me being sponsored and now I can proudly say I am officially a The 1:1 Diet Consultant! If I can do this then so can you!”

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