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Family Champion Winner

FAMILY Champion winner, Kezi Smith, was mortified when she saw a holiday photo of herself taken on what should have been a trip of a lifetime.

That snap and being told she was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, led her to find The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Now Kezi, from Richmond, is over 4 stone lighter and able to do all kinds of fun activities with her family.

“Before I lost weight, I refused to go on our kayak and paddle board for fear of it sinking,” she said. “Now I have been on the paddleboard in the sea and went on the kayak and am very proud of myself.”

Mum-of-three Kezi, 40, gained weight with each of her pregnancies. Looking after three children and working as a lead administrator in a secondary school meant she was always busy.

“I lacked the motivation, time and energy to do much about my weight and, before I knew it, I was around the same weight as I’d been at nine months pregnant,” she said.

“It was hard to take time for myself and a sedentary desk job meant the weight didn’t come off.”

Kezi’s tipping point was two-fold.

The first came after a family trip to Disneyland Paris in August 2020 on a long-awaited holiday in between lockdowns.

“We had a lovely time, but I felt self-conscious because of my size and it was boiling hot,” said Kezi. “It’s no fun when you’re carrying extra weight, especially in the heat. I was in a lot of pain by the end of the day because my feet were hurting so much.

“My husband, Dave, and I were celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary when we were there, but I was so worried about getting stuck on rides it spoilt things for me. And when I saw a photo of us when I got back, I couldn’t believe how big I was.

“It didn’t help when an acquaintance asked me when my baby was due!”

The second turning point for Kezi came last autumn was when her doctor told her she was at risk of becoming pre-diabetic.

“My mum, dad and sister are all diabetic. I knew I was at risk, genetically, of catching the disease.”

When the blood test came back in December, confirming she was on the border of being pre-diabetic, Kezi went on The 1:1 Diet website after seeing an advert on social media and found her Consultant.

“I decided this was going to be good for me and I started on Plan in January.”

Part way through her journey, Kezi went to an adventure park with her children, who are aged 13, 11 and 9.

“I was a few stones lighter then and  it felt great to be there not thinking’ am I going to squash my child when I am on the ride?’

Kezi is at her target weight now and can’t recognise herself in the photo taken last summer.

“Life with my family has improved dramatically. My husband is an ex-PE teacher and we’ve just come back from Wales where we were trekking. Two years ago, we went to the same place and I struggled to climb the sand dunes there.

“I am more confident and not making excuses to do things with our children. I’m showing them it’s great to do things and be active together.”

She and Dave recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and Kezi tried her wedding dress back on, only to find it’s now too big!

“My husband loves my confidence and that we are doing things together; we are closer together and he’s got the woman he married back.”

What’s more, her risk of diabetes has dramatically reduced along with her weight.

“I’ve had a blood test since losing the weight and am no longer at risk of developing pre-diabetes, which is wonderful.”

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