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Family Champion winner Katy's regained confidence after weight loss

Busy mum, Katy Tuck, has lifted our Family Champion trophy at this year’s Slimmer Awards after losing more than six stone with The 1:1 Diet.

And she can now be the happy, confident mum she’s always wanted to be for her young daughter, Lila.

“After I had my daughter, Lila, I knew I had to do something about my weight,” said Katy. “I wanted to be able to run around after her and not struggle to keep up. I wanted to create memories with her, not shy away from them.”

However, Katy, had been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease when she was only 18. Now 33, she said it had contributed to her weight gain.

“Meniere’s Disease causes vertigo, deafness and tinnitus. It reduced my mobility and the medication used to treat it caused weight gain.

“I was so unwell that for a few years I couldn’t work and juggling the disease with a stressful job in IT exacerbated everything. I was making poor decisions when it came to food choices.”

Katy didn’t want to spend years losing the weight gain.

“It had taken 12 years to put the weight on and I didn’t want it to take the same time to come off, so I approached The 1:1 Diet Consultant, Denise Frewin, who was brilliant and took me through the Plan.

“It was hard though. I did struggle over the first few days and then lockdown hit. Surprisingly, I found the diet easy to stick to as it gave me focus and an element of control.

“I combined working from home, with light exercise, taking my daughter out for walks and in no time at all my fitness levels started to improve.

“Denise would drop off my meal replacement products and we’d have regular socially distanced appointments every two weeks, but she was always on the end of the phone if I needed her support.

“As lockdown eased over the summer, I started to socialise more and on one occasion I was at a barbeque and people walked past me, as they didn’t recognise me!

“When it comes to food, I’m now making much better choices and enjoy having fun with my daughter. I can look at photos and feel proud of what I have achieved over the past year.”

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