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Dieter Stories: Luella Murray

Luella Murray before and now
Luella Murray before and now

“‘Why are you on a diet? You don’t need to lose weight!’ The typical response I would receive when I found myself in company at meal times.

“I would try to avoid the topic of conversation, people who knew me automatically assumed there was something odd going on when I turned down that side of garlic bread. I went on a diet because I couldn’t carry on squeezing shut the button on my favourite pair of jeans or continue reaching for the biscuit tin at any given opportunity, pretending putting on a few extra pounds wouldn’t faze me.

“I have been known to try different diets in the past. However, I have never really been able to maintain my ideal weight. When I finally decided to take the plunge once again, I started to think about what diet was going to suit me. And let’s put it this way – I really couldn’t face another episode of sitting in a circle around fellow slimmers as we clapped each other’s one pound loss a week.

“I heard about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan through a friend and after some internet searching and watching vlogs of slimmers on the diet, I found a Consultant with a shop close by. I wrote an email and pressed send – immediately ‘oops’ entered my mind – do I really want to diet? Is now the right time? Maybe an hour in the gym a week might just do it?

“Initially, I did have my reservations about the diet. I was concerned that ‘living on shakes’ was going to be the end of my social life completely, but meeting my Consultant, Nikki, changed that. I realised there is more to the diet than shakes. There are so many Steps and products you can use to adapt to your individual journey.

“My first consultation was the first time I had been on the scales in a long time and I was stunned with the numbers staring back at me. At this moment I had two choices: a.) mope around and emotionally eat over a box set when I got home, or b.) dust off my Nutribullet and whip up a shake for breakfast.

“I opted for the latter and skipped out of the consultation with a bag full of products and head full of motivation. Day one and two seemed to be bearable, and other than the occasional wayward thought of the Bourbon biscuits hidden in the back of my cupboard, I was absolutely fine.

“When I look back at my journey, I realise how proud I should be of what I have achieved. I managed to stay on Plan during what has been the most challenging year of my life to date – my final year of university.

“I am not going to say there weren’t times of weakness – there most certainly were – but I kept my graduation day in mind throughout. Picking up my degree certificate was important, but so was feeling fab in a new dress!

“And if you think this is determination, try being asked to bake your dad and step-mum’s wedding cake while on Plan. This took months of practice and heaps of will power, but I can honestly say not one sweet treat baked in preparation for the day passed my lips.

“So, not only did I pull off the sweet table fit for 100 wedding guests, but I completed university with a 2:1 in English Language and Literature, which lead to being offered a secondary school teacher training job for the following academic year. Most importantly though, my graduation dress 100 per cent lived up to its expectations and if someone told me I was about to walk a catwalk, I would have believed them!

“I might not necessarily have ‘looked’ like I needed to lose weight, but what I did need was a diet plan to shed those extra pounds that had crept on over a good few months of turning a blind eye. With my Consultant Nikki’s support I reached my goal and helped me boosted my self-confidence and have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

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