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Dieter Stories: Janet Hutchinson

New Me Winner 2018

“My childhood was far from happy and I witnessed violence and bullying as part of everyday life. My mum tried to make it better with chocolate and sweet treats, so they soon became a comfort I came to depend on. 

“Marriage and three children, plus working full time, meant my growing weight was bottom of my priorities. But I was sweating all the time, had severe backache, no energy and feeling like a total failure.

“Then in 2015, a family trauma tore our lives apart. The pain I felt overwhelmed me and trying to keep my family together throughout it all caused me to emotional binge. I used food as a way of coping and reached my biggest... size 32.

“I was also suffering from sleep apnoea, where my weight was causing me to stop breathing throughout the night. I knew the next step would be an oxygen machine at night yet still I buried my head in the sand. I had lots of embarrassing moments, like not fitting on fairground rides and being called names, but I put on a brave face pretending I didn’t care.

“My wake-up call came when my husband, Mark, said he had seen me stop breathing in the night. I couldn’t hide it any more.

“Right next door to where I work, I kept seeing The 1:1 Diet sign, I nervously made an appointment with Sarah Smith. When the weight started dropping off, I felt better and better. Also, those embarrassing sweats and feeling tired all the time stopped.

“Fast forward to today and more than 12 stones lighter, my life is totally different. I sleep like a baby, am in size 12/14 clothes and feel amazing. I never stop now, I’m so full of energy and feel like my life is just beginning.

“I thank my lucky stars I found The 1:1 Diet, as I knew I wouldn’t have seen my 50th birthday the way my weight was skyrocketing. Now I’m 43 and feel younger and better than I did in my twenties.”

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