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Dieter Stories: Cheryl Shapland

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“It all began in 2000, when I had just given birth to my second daughter. By this time I was overweight but still waddled around like I was amazing. My size didn’t bother me, I was just me.

“Then one day, out of the blue, my husband at the time called me something which stuck in my head: Fat.” 

 “A few days later, I was at my local mum and tots group. I bent down in my lovely white cotton trousers and they split. I was so embarrassed and the words my husband said rang bells. I was sad and knew I had to do something.

 “I lost weight, but went on to have two more babies and more weight crept on with each one. Seven years on, I split up with my husband as I couldn't take it anymore; I was miserable. 

“I went on a holiday to Portugal in 2011, where I met the most amazing man in a bar. We kept in touch and I knew this was something serious. The words of my ex-husband still rang in my ears. Although I had lost a little weight, I was struggling to keep motivated on my own, so I decided to try The 1:1 Diet, as my friend had told me about it. It was the best decision of my life. It fitted in perfectly with my busy lifestyle and I was still able to socialise with my new partner and eat dinner with my young children.

“I’m no longer fat and frumpy, I'm a yummy mummy.

“In 2014, my new partner proposed and we got married in 2015. I felt like a princess and that’s exactly how he has treated me from day one. My insecurities may not have been founded in this relationship, but losing the weight and maintaining it now for six years got the real Cheryl back.

“18 years later from that first comment seems a lifetime away and, although it took me 12 years to find The 1:1 Diet, I did and I am back to me.”

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