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Consultant support was key to Pauline’s pre-wedding weight loss

Pauline Lambert saw impressive weight loss with The 1:1 Diet before enjoying her dream wedding which took place before lockdown.

At 17 stone, and after suffering a heart attack at the age of 36, due to stress, Pauline feared for her life. She knew she had to make a lifestyle change.

Pauline said: “When I had my heart attack in 2009, it really opened my eyes – I was so scared to have another!

“My weight had initially increased due to being in an unhappy relationship, which had caused me a lot of stress.

“I had ballooned to a size 20-22 and I weighed more than 17 stone.

“I replaced my partner’s love with comfort food when I felt lonely, which was detrimental to my mental and physical health. Stress and being overweight is never a good combination.”

Pauline began yo-yo dieting to try and lose the excess weight – which started to work initially, but life soon got in the way.

“When I met my current husband, my weight started to increase again – I was so happy and in love that I forgot about the importance of losing the weight. Then, when my father and my husband’s father both passed away in the space of two weeks, the additional stress caused me to put the weight back on and I was back to 16st 5lb.

“In February 2018, I decided it was time to make a phone call to Laureen Smith, my local The 1:1 Diet Consultant.

“I was so nervous at first, but Laureen instantly eased any anxious thoughts with her incredible approach.”

After just three months, Pauline reached her lowest ever weight of 11st 8lbs.

“The encouragement and motivation I received from Laureen was crucial in my weight-loss journey. Whenever I needed reassurance, or was going through a difficult patch, Laureen was on hand to help me through.

“I was so inspired by Laureen’s role that I decided to become a The 1:1 Diet Consultant myself, to help others on their journey – it is the best thing I’ve ever done!

“I love being able to inspire people and help them make a change in their life, however big or small.

“Following a Heart and Stroke clinic review last year; my medication was reduced, which was a huge milestone for me! I also managed to fit into my size 10 dream wedding dress and I’m now feeling fantastic about my weight, health and life.”

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