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Angela loses 10 stone and finds the love of her life

Angela Osbourne before and after weightloss
Angela Osbourne before and after weightloss

Angela Osborne’s life imploded when her partner left her after 14 years and her sister passed away. She’d lost confidence in herself until she found The 1:1 Diet. 

Angela, 52, said: “Throughout my life, I’d used food as a cushion to combat any stressful situations. Things came to a head when my partner of 14 years left me and then my sister died because of diabetes complications, aged only 49. I sank into a deep depression and couldn’t stop eating, but knew I had to do something about it.

“It was around the same time that I bumped into a friend at work who was doing The 1:1 Diet and looked amazing. She gave me Josie’s number, and I contacted her straightaway, determined to turn myself around.

“Josie explained about the diet and how it worked. She set out a Plan for me and asked me about my goal weight. I had developed a great rapport with Josie, and she’s now become a firm friend. We both share the same enthusiasm for The 1:1 Diet.

“I had developed health issues including diabetes, a fatty liver and high cholesterol, so I knew I had to put the effort in to shift the weight and achieve my weight loss goal of 10 stone. The weekly weigh-ins with Josie spurred me on and gradually I regained my confidence.

“Josie put me on Step 1b Total Diet Replacement which suited me as I loved the soups, made mousse out of the weight loss shakes and drank a lot of water using the water flavourings.

“I’ve noticed a complete change in myself. I’m far more supple. I can bend down to pick things up from the floor which I couldn’t do before my weight loss transformation. I can even walk up the stairs without being out of breath. I can fit in my car seat perfectly well and don’t need a giant bed to sleep in.

“The health benefits have been amazing. I no longer have diabetes or a fatty liver, and my cholesterol level is now 3.4, a massive change from 7.9.

“The biggest change though is that I have more confidence in myself. I like who I am and I’m far more sociable. I’ve even found love again and met my lovely Spanish partner, Emile.

“Maintaining weight loss is a challenge and you have to be disciplined, but the best tip I can offer is to continue seeing your Consultant. Josie is always there by my side, cheering me on, and is someone who understands the struggles I have been through.

“I am also proud to say that I have become a Consultant too and will always maintain my contact with Josie.

“The future now looks bright, full of love and happiness.

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