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Alexandra is no longer hiding under baggy clothes and feels amazing

Our Woman of the Year finalist, Alexandra Bave, has lost an amazing five stone through lockdown after ditching her poor eating habits.

Her parents, who moved to Italy, have seen her transformation over Zoom and can’t believe how much their daughter has changed.

“Eight packs of crisps, 15 ice pops and two litres of fizzy drink a day was my way of getting through the first lockdown,” said Alex. “Being pregnant and home-schooling two young children (one with special educational and behavioural needs), food was my only comfort.

“I knew this wasn’t healthy for me, nor the baby but I just didn't care. I was so busy trying to provide the best for my two children and preparing for another one on the way.”

Alex’s partner worked over 12-hour days.

“I didn’t care about myself or realise just how much weight I was gaining, or how I could be harming the baby with my destructive binging. As a result of my negligence, my blood pressure rocketed.

 “The hospital ended up being my second home with fear that I had pre-eclampsia. With COVID restrictions, I was unable to have any visitors, so I passed the boring ward days and nights with eating unhealthy snacks from the hospital shop. I wish I could blame my weight gain solely due to my pregnancy, but I knew I was partly to blame.”

Alex’s baby son, Jackson, arrived in July 2020 by Caesarean section. He was jaundiced so they stayed in hospital for another five days.

“I was grateful to anyone offering me a meal I didn't have to cook myself,” said Alex. “The weight kept piling on and began effecting my relationship when my partner kept mentioning my extremely loud snoring. I had never snored in my lifetime until now.”

Alex’s parents moved to Italy in September to their dream retirement home. Two months later, Lockdown 2.0 came.

“Lockdown was isolating enough, but with my family so far away with no idea when we would see them again. I felt so alone,” she said. “Raising a baby and trying to home-school again, I felt like I had no support to help me. It was just me, the kids and food.

“I didn’t realise how big I had got until I reflected on the photo I had with Jackson when we finally came home. I knew I should love this photo because it was a special day in my life, but I hated it! The self-loath of how I looked took away all the positive emotions connected to that photo. My confidence has never allowed me to have full body photos and this photo enhanced my reasons why!

After a horrific year, all I wanted to do was enjoy my first Christmas as a family of 5. I tried to not let my negative thoughts about myself overtake the festivities. This was ruined when I brought an XXL Christmas outfit that didn't fit. My two boy's began to say 'look at mummy's tummy'. Enough was enough! I knew I had to do something. I made it my New Year's resolution to lose 5 stone. I wanted to feel good about myself and lose weight to be healthy for the children. I no longer wanted to be the fat mum.

I will always remember my first day on Plan. It was the day we went into our third lockdown. I literally thought how the hell am I going to do this with 3 kids 24/7, having to home-school AND to stick to 3 meal replacement products a day. I saw other amazing transformations on the Facebook 100% support page . I thought I will never be able to achieve that in my circumstances.

Valentine's day, Mother's day and Easter passed and somehow, I had still stuck to Plan 100%. The determination to finally be happy in my own skin outweighed any temptation that was in front of me. The support I received from my Consultants meant that I no longer felt alone. No matter if it was The 1:1 Diet related or not, they were there every step of the way with you.

I never thought I would have been able to lose 5 stone! I now have the confidence to play with my children and not fear people are judging me. The moment I realised I could fit in the swing in the park with the children made me feel emotional.

Before, I would have just watched from the side-lines whilst watching my partner play with the children. I always wished that it could be me having fun with the children, but I was too embarrassed because of my size. Now, I don't have a care in the world! From squeezing into size 16 clothes because I was in denial that I was a size 18, I feel amazing I can now buy size 10/12 clothes . I am no longer hiding under baggy T-shirts to cover up my insecurities. I brought a pair of size 12 jeans

two years ago. Trying and failing other diets, they still had the tags on two years later! I can now finally wear them!

When my partner mentioned that he'd never seen me wear jeans throughout the entire time of our 11 year relationship, I knew at that point that The 1:1 Diet had changed my life!

I loved the results I got from the Plan, that I decided not to return to work from my Maternity Leave and become a full time personal diet Consultant. The Plan is now changing my life in more ways than I had ever imagined. The business affording me the opportunity to provide for my children is incredible.

Knowing I will now be here for all the children's special moments, watching them grow up due to changing my life, is priceless! The definition of 'Mother' in the Dictionary is to bring up a child with care and affection. Losing 5 stone has enabled me to not just do this, but to do this 3 times over. For Ethan, Devon and Jackson!

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