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Super Nutty Hot Chocolate

Super Nutty Hot Chocolate
Super Nutty Hot Chocolate

We’ve got winter all wrapped up with this deliciously creamy hot chocolate, using our new Hazelnut & Chocolate Flavour Shake MRP.

This contains 205kcal and is suitable from Step 3.



The 1:1 Diet Hazelnut & Chocolate Flavour Shake

1 portion (13g) lighter real dairy spray cream (we used Tesco’s own for this hack)

Cocoa powder


  1. Make up your Hazelnut & Chocolate Flavour Shake with hot water as per instructions, and pour it in to your favourite mug

  2. Next add a squirt of lighter real dairy spray cream

  3. Top with a light dusting of cocoa powder

  4. Cosy up on your sofa and enjoy!

Hot tip for Step 4 and above: Crush 8 hazelnuts (11g) and sprinkle on top for an extra delicious treat! This could be your 100kcal bonus (total 305kcal)


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