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Paramedic Hannah loses six stone despite the challenges of pandemic

Before and After Weight Loss 6 stone
Before and After Weight Loss 6 stone

Paramedic Hannah Gold-Lewis, who has been on the frontline throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has been crowned our Social Hero in our Annual Slimmer Awards.

The 23-year-old key worker didn’t want to live life on the sidelines any more because of her weight.

And thanks to losing six stone on The 1:1 Diet, Hannah has gone from being a takeaway addict to a gym bunny.

“I was fed up with my weight and putting myself on the sidelines,” said Hannah. “I wanted to love who I was and the life I had. I was lost and buried in self-doubt. Something needed to change.

“I finally plucked up the courage to contact The 1:1 Diet and found Jemma Penkethman, my Consultant.

“Jemma was constantly on hand to provide motivation and encouragement that I needed and, a year, on I feel like a completely different person.”

Hannah ditched her regular takeaways and unhealthy meal choices to full meal replacements on Step 1a of the Plan.

“I love the fact I was able to flex between Step 1a and 2, meaning I could go out for dinner with friends, enjoy tasty healthy meals and still lose weight,” she said.

Even when she had to move out of her family home in the first lockdown because of her job, Hannah stayed resolute in her goal to shed the stones.

“My job as a paramedic meant that during lockdown I had to move out of my family home. This meant living by myself on a caravan park. I was the only person there, which felt very strange,” she recalled.

“The biggest challenge was not having anyone to talk to after a busy day, but I just had to get on with it.”

Hannah found that staying on Plan during this period gave her something to focus and work toward. She didn’t want to lose control.

“As a paramedic working days, late shifts, nights and everything in between, it was not easy but my mind was in a much better place.

“I was able to prepare my meals on my days off and accept that sometimes on a night shift I would need a little extra energy and that’s OK. Somehow I created a routine in the pure chaos of shift work.”

Hannah has embraced her new healthier lifestyle and regularly goes to the gym and runs across the moors. She is also partial to an early morning swim. 

“All these things have installed new confidence within myself. I do not hide any more and refuse to stand on the sidelines. Every day I feel good and now you can’t stop me.”

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