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Brilliant Banoffee Cheesecake

Banoffee Cheesecake
Banoffee Cheesecake

Many of us have been reaching for nostalgic flavours recently, and banoffee is certainly one of them! Why not try The 1:1 Diet’s take on Banoffee Pie with this super yummy, guilt-free Banoffee Cheesecake recipe hack using the new Banoffee Bar MRP.


  1. Chop up half a Banoffee Bar into tiny pieces into a glass and pat it down (you may need a knife to chop into tiny pieces)
  2. Make up half a Banana Flavour Shake with water and Mix-a-Mousse
  3. (for best results use a hand blender)
  4. Pour your shake mousse mix over your chopped Banoffee Bar
  5. Set in the fridge for 10 minutes
  6. Ta dah!

223 calories

Suitable on any Step

If you fancy it a little less banana-y and a bit more chocolate-y, why not try using the Chocolate Flavour Shake instead. Delish!

Check out the recipe video below:

Banoffee Cheesecake Recipe

0 min 33

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