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Sharon before and after weight loss

Sharon Charles-Cockerill has a new lease of life thanks to The 1:1 Diet

New grandmother celebrates incredible 6st 13lb stone weight loss and reversal of type 2 diabetes symptoms

Giant Cous Cous Step Up Meal ingredients

NEW Step Up® Meal – Giant Couscous Bean & Tomato Salad

Just about everyone likes a couscous salad, so we’ve created a fabulous new recipe that delivers great taste with nutritious, whole foods.

Coronavirus and weight gain research

Weight gain in lockdown. How can we stop it?

Almost half of Brits (47%) say they have put on weight since lockdown began in March. We’ve explored why and how one dieter saw this as an opportunity.

Angela Osbourne before and after weightloss

Angela loses 10 stone and finds the love of her life

Angela’s life imploded when her partner left her after 14 years and her sister passed away. She’d lost confidence in herself until she found The 1:1 Diet.

Spanish prawn and cauliflower rice paella

Prawn and cauliflower ‘rice’ paella

Bring the summery tasty of Spanish paella to your weekly meal Plan with the healthy recipe. Perfect if you're on Step 2!

ray sherali before and after weight loss

Ray Sherali is flying high after losing seven stone

Ray Sherali, 47, knew he had an unhealthy relationship with food, not helped by a sedentary job as a bus driver at Lothian Buses in Scotland.

Walking trainers

Why Walking Is Great for Your Health

Walking is a near perfect exercise that can be enjoyed by almost everybody and can be performed almost anywhere. You do not need any special equipment, and best of all it is free!

Rosemary chicken roasting pan

Rosemary chicken roasting pan

The beauty of this supper is that everything is cooked in the same pan for extra flavour and minimal fuss and washing up!

Laura Rail before and after weight loss

Busy mum shifts seven stone and regains her confidence

Laura Rail, 42, lost her confidence when she suffered a series of health problems which made her seek solace in food.

Griddled chicken and sweet potato salad bowl

Griddled chicken and sweet potato salad bowl

Here’s a hearty chicken salad recipe that’s great if you’re on Step 3 or 4!


Staying on track during Ramadan

For many, Ramadan begins on 23rd April for one month and the aim is to instil discipline within ourselves. Quite often we put too much emphasis on food in Ramadan, when in fact the whole purpose of Ramadan is to be humble and be grateful for what we have. Do not use Ramadan as an excuse to go off Plan – stay focused!

Faye Gillies before and after weight loss

Slimmer turns life around with reversal of type 2 diabetes

Faye Gillies celebrates an incredible seven stone weight loss and reverses her symptoms of type 2 diabetes following The 1:1 Diet.

Paul Williams before and after

Former DJ is a new man after reversing his type 2 diabetes

Paul Williams loses four stone and reverses his symptoms of type 2 diabetes following The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Cauliflower ‘steaks’ with Napoletana sauce

Cauliflower ‘steaks’ with Napoletana sauce

Here’s a delicious vegetarian dish for a light meal in the spring or summer. You don’t have to serve it piping hot – you can make it in advance and enjoy it lukewarm or at room temperature.

James weight loss before and after

James lost 7st walking his way to fitness with help from friend and Consultant Carol

James Grasby, 38, had always struggled with his weight, but when new puppy Sherlock came along, he knew something had to be done.

Mark Gilbert Nutritionist looks at the link between obesity and Coronavirus

Coronavirus - healthy diet, healthy outlook

Our Commercial Nutritionist, Mark Gilbert, looks at the link between obesity and coronavirus, particularly in men.

How to start your day right

How to start your day right

Your morning sets you and your mood up for the day ahead. Here’s our guide on how to start your day feeling happy, positive and ready to take on the world!

Spicy chicken burgers with stir-fried vegetables

Spicy chicken burgers with stir-fried vegetables

Burgers on a diet? Yes you've heard right - get the recipe here!