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Thin and crispy pizzas

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t have tasty food. Try making these delicious pizzas, which are perfect for Steps 3 and above on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan...


Tasty Thai salmon courgetti

Spiralised vegetables, such as courgettes or carrots, are fun to eat, taste delicious and make a healthy, low-calorie addition to any meal.


Summer in Spain: Tasty Vegetable Tortilla

This Spanish-inspired tortilla is tasty, packed full of veggies and perfect as part of your weight loss meal plan.


30 day plank challenge

The Plank – A simple, yet effective way to work your core (‘abs’). This ‘Challenge’ will transform the muscles of your midsection in 30 days!


Mexican Night: Nachos with Spicy Beef Chilli

We have come to the rescue and created a lighter version of your favourite chilli topped nachos, with tasty low-fat chilli and reduced-fat cheese.


Dieter stories: Michelle Evans

Busy mum and traffic officer Michelle Evans had little time to take care of herself. Then she decided to do something about it for her sake and her daughter’s...


One-to-one support was key to Victoria’s success!

Victoria Moss tried lots of other diets but struggled to maintain her weight loss until she found The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and its crucial one-to-one support.


Dieter story: Laura Jackson

Slimmer-turned-Consultant, Laura Jackson was determined to find the perfect wedding dress diet and say “Yes to the Dress!”


Zingy Greek lemon chicken with Spicy Couscous

This easy-peasy chicken cooked with lemon and spices makes a fab supper. Just put everything in a roasting pan and pop in the oven for 25 mins.


The best fruits for weight loss

Once you hit Step 3, quite a few options open up and you can really put together a great daily menu that delivers maximum health, flavour and slimness. Part of this includes fruit!


Roasted Chickpeas and Vegetables with Spicy Couscous

Wanna get creative with The 1:1 Diet Spicy Couscous? Check out this yummy recipe that's got a kick!


Chargrilled Vegetable and Halloumi Kebabs

Having a BBQ? Cook up these healthy treats, perfect for a low calorie vegetarian option when you are on Plan with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan...


Benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated

Why so much water? It helps with weight loss, hunger, metabolising and eliminating body fat and the nasty toxins that are stored in it.


Dieter Stories: Lucy Sillitoe

Read fashionista Lucy Sillitoe’s inspiring story; “Life has changed so much. I’m a stronger person both physically, mentally and emotionally.”


Battle of the Sweeteners – are some sweeteners better than others?

This study shows that sucralose (the low-calorie sweetener we use) results in better change in body weight, as compared to aspartame, saccharin and stevia extract. Read about the battle of the Sweeteners here!

Tropical Smoothie product launch

Tropic like it’s hot!

Tickle your summer taste buds with this delicious, limited edition Tropical Smoothie.

Recipes for BBQ season

How to survive BBQ season on a diet

Hope you all have your sunnies ready because it’s finally that time of year! Check out our easy peasy The 1:1 Diet friendly recipes so you’re ready for when the BBQ coals come out.

The One Magazine Competition Pormo

Win a personal styling and shopping experience

Lost weight and want your style mojo back so you feel fabulous every single day? Well here’s your chance to win a fantastic Style and Shopping Experience including wardrobe revitalisation, style guidance plus shopping, worth £595, with Abbey Booth!