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Get the low-down on the Products, inspiring dieters and Consultants here. Find bright ideas to tickle your tastebuds, as well as handy hints to mix up the menu to keep your diet fresh.

Dieter Stories: Cheryl Chapland

Dieter Stories: Cheryl Chapland

This yummy mummy’s whole outlook on life changed when she found The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, and her Consultant.

Dieter Stories: Amanda Lane

Dieter Stories: Amanda Lane

Amanda felt like her whole life was falling apart, but her spirit kept her going when she found The 1:1 Diet. 

New Consultant of The Year Nafisa Patel

New Consultant of The Year

Nafisa Patel is a busy mum of four, but she has still managed to grow an incredibly successful business, become a Rising Star Winner, a Sales Champion and now New Consultant of the Year. All within two years! How did she do that?!

Lee Dennison before after

Dieter stories: Lee Dennison

As family man Lee Dennison’s brood got larger, so did he. Until he fought the flab and won…

Donna Brennan before and now

Dieter Stories: Donna Brennan

Raising four sons and working two jobs keeps Donna Brennan super busy. She needed a diet plan to fit around her hectic schedule. . .

Step up meal packs - variety

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Round of applause for our new Step Up meals range.

Spiced Apple Pancakes

Recipes: Spiced Apple Pancakes

Who said you only have to enjoy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? With this delicious recipe, you can  treat yourself to these delicious apple pancakes dusted with cinnamon any time of the year. And even if you’re on Step 2, you can make an exception…enjoy!

Egg and Bacon Muffins

Recipes: Egg and Bacon Breakfast Muffin

Try these tasty muffins for a special Mother’s Day breakfast. And because they’re non-messy finger foods, you can even have a lie in and enjoy them in bed. Bliss!

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Great research published

The Diabetes UK conference have presented some more fab research using tasty (and nutritious) products manufactured by us!

SJ Strum before and now

Dieter Stories: SJ Strum - The inspiration

ST Strum has truly outdone herself with more than 36k subscribers to her YouTube channel. How amazing! And she has encouraged many of you to give The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan a try . . .

Superfood Buddah bowl

Recipes: Superfood Buddah bowl

How yummy is this? Roasted spicy chickpeas, griddled vegetables, healthy sprouting seeds and cottage cheese drizzled with lemon vinaigrette – a really colourful, filling and nutritious dinner for a special day.

Steak and fries

Recipes: Steak and 'fries' with orange and fennel salad

Yeah! You may feel like the chips are down when you’re on a diet, but you can have your steak and eat it with this fantastic recipe.

Join the #One2OneDietChallenge

Join the #One2OneDietChallenge

With the nice weather fast approaching (well, it’s supposed to be!), summer will soon be here. Like many others, you’re probably starting to think about losing weight...

Pat Sutcliffe before and now

Dieter Stories: Pat Sutcliffe

Imagine pledging to lose five stone in a year in front of millions of viewers on TV. That’s exactly what Pat did on ITV1’s This Time Next Year, hosted by Davina McCall. Find out how she got on.

Luella Murray before and now

Dieter Stories: Luella Murray

Starting a diet in your final year of uni was a challenge for Luella Murray but she kept that graduation dress firmly in her head . . .

Kirsty and Henry before and after

Dieter Stories: Kirsty & Henry

They’re in it together all the weigh!

Juliet Uzor

Dieter Stories: Juliet Uzor

Juliet is one of the contestants on The Great British Sewing Bee this year. She's a full time Consultant and loves making her own clothes...

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Dieter Stories: Jean Lawrence

Former nurse Jean Lawrence used to polish off a bucket of fried chicken before going to bed and cooked enough for six adults, even though there was only her and her daughter at home.